USS Shenandoah (AD 44) • Image provided by T. M. McNicholas, Jr.


Official Commissioning ~ 15 August 1983

On this date — 01 May 2021 — the SHENANDOAH’s new presence on the Internet is officially commissioned: “”

The USS Shenandoah (AD 44) “Internet Deck” has been created to provide a beacon for all crew members from Precommissioning to Decommissioning, and a hallmark celebration for the members of the Navy League, Shenandoah National Park, and citizens of the Shenandoah Valley who adopted the ship and crew.

Above decks the site’s Header has been outfitted with the ship’s heritage and history for ship, crew and honored guests. Below decks the site’s Footer has been outfitted with crew access to the secure Extranet’s Quarterdeck, Main Deck, Ship’s Logs, and more.

Family members and SHENANDOAH’s honored guests are invited to sign the “Tough Tender’s” guest book and share your favorite memories of ship and crew.

The combined text and imagery thus far have come from the ship’s Commissioning book, First Year Cruise book, 1st Change of Command book and C.O.’s Remarks, Decommissioning book, and hundreds of crew photos shared and collected over a period of nearly two decades. SHENANDOAH’s 2nd and 3rd cruise books will be scanned next and added to her on-line history.

The task of documenting all of SHENANDOAH’s history into one website is more than a single shipmate is capable. It will take the contributing efforts of all hands in order to see this mission through to completion. If you have any images, documents, stories or other contributions, please don’t hesitate to step forward. The Ship’s Log system has file-upload capabilities to assist in accepting contributions. domain is owned and operated by Ship’s company, and all crew are welcome. Crew wishing to go below decks must use the Quarterdeck link located on the site’s Footer. The Ship’s Logs and Crew Comms features are active, and are located on the 3rd-deck mess decks. The main deck ladder is also in place, and will eventually allow the crew to move easily and quickly about the ship.

More to follow — Agape!

PCU Shenandoah (AD 44)

The photo above is currently one of the oldest of known crew photos.

PCO Captain T. M. McNicholas, Jr. is leaning back in the chair on the Quarterdeck (AKA, the Personnelman’s desk), of the PCU Shenandoah (AD 44) unit headquarters. Building L-28, Norfolk Naval Base.

(Left to right)
LT Jackson, 1st Lieutenant;
LTjg Mehl, First Communications Officer
Captain Thomas M. McNicholas, Jr.

The Captain was recently asked of his memories of L-28. The first words out of his mouth were, “HOT DOGS!”

Time Capsule

The crew of the Shenandoah loaded a Time Capsule during her first year Anniversary. It was later to be opened 5-years from the date it was sealed.

“The gleaming cylinder of nickel-plated bronze with a brass top contained a complete listing of the ship’s crew which all had signed, a plan of the day, a commissioning brochure, a pamphlet describing the ship’s first year, a souvenir medallion and the “Tough Tender’s” bumper sticker.”

The ships memorabilia has grown a great deal since then. This website is the new Shenandoah Time Capsule.