THE SHIP| USS Shenandoah (AD 44)

Fortis Pro Pace  ~  “Strong for Peace”

The mission of USS SHENANDOAH is to provide mobile, intermediate level maintenance support facilities, primarily for DD933 class destroyers, CGN class cruisers, and FFG7 class frigates; as well as other frigates, destroyers and cruisers, amphibious, auxiliary ships, patrol and support craft. This support includes shops, material and technical facilities for industrial repairs which do not require the level of support at a shipyard.

SHENANDOAH also provides logistic support, including repair parts; weapons and munitions, such as missiles, torpedoes and gun ammunition; and personnel support and services, such as medical, dental, and messing facilities for personnel of customer ships. Berthing, administrative and training facilities for a limited number of personnel from ships undergoing repair are provided.

Typical customer ships vary in size and characteristics, ranging from patrol ships of 150 feet in length, displacing 235 tons and armed with guns and missiles, to nuclear-propelled missile cruisers 600 feet in length, displacing 10,000 tons, carrying advanced guided missiles and fitted with sophisticated electronic equipment.

Because the machinery of ships alongside for services will be under repair, SHENANDOAH is fitted with extra electrical generators, water distilling capacity, and transfer facilities for providing electricity, boiler feed, fresh water, and other services to ships tied alongside.

SHENANDOAH is fitted with large side doors to permit easy access to ships alongside. Several workboats and other small craft are carried to transfer material and personnel to nearby ships. Equipped with large cranes for handling antennas, torpedoes, machinery, provisions, small boats and weapons,

SHENANDOAH has a tremendous capability for moving heavy and bulky material quickly and safely. Beyond its ship repair and support capabilities, SHENANDOAH is capable of providing all of the facilities and services to accommodate a crew of 1,595 officers and enlisted personnel, including accommodations and other facilities for a group or squadron commander and their supporting staff.


The command received the original blue “R” for retention on 30 September 1983. The C.O., X.O., and retention team members point out the hash mark awarded on 31 March 1984. SURFLANT retention “Superstar” for 16 consecutive months.


Precedence of awards is from top to bottom, left to right
Top Row:
– Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation (5)
– Navy Battle “E” Ribbon (3)
– National Defense Service Medal

Bottom Row:
– Southwest Asia Campaign Medal (2)
– Sea Service Deployment Ribbon
– Kuwait Liberation Medal (Kuwait)

Award Details:

(AD 44) SHENANDOAH ‘s Medals and Awards submitted to NavSource on 02/21/2011

Navy Meritorious Commendation Ribbon (5 awards)
• 01 May 1987 – 01 Sep 1988
• 12 Jun 1989 – 31 Oct 1989
• 01 Jun 1991 – 12 Dec 1991
• 15 Apr 1993 – 04 Oct 1993
• 21 Nov 1994 – 13 Sep 1994

Navy E Ribbon (3 awards)
• 01 Apr 1985 – 30 Sep 1986
• 01 Oct 1986 – 31 Mar 1988
• 01 Jan 1995 – 31 Dec 1995

National Defense Service Medal
• 02 Aug 1990 – 30 Nov 1995

Southwest Asia Service Medal with 1 campaign star
• 10 Jul 1991 – 10 Aug 1991 Cease-Fire Campaign: 12 Apr 1991 – 30 Nov 1995

Navy Sea Service Deployment Ribbon
• Number of Deployments has not been determined

Kuwait Liberation Medal (Kuwait)
• 10 Jul 1991 – 10 Aug 1991 Eligibility Period: 02 Aug 1990 – 31 Aug 1993