The Shenandoah’s Challenge coin was conceived by one of her crew, Senior Chief Joseph Tagliarino “Tag”; ships company 1991 to 1995. Senior Chief was assisted by his friend and digital graphic artist, Chief Paul Harris, Jr. The coin proofs were presented to the crew on 17 October 2020, and shortly thereafter orders were taken for the first minting.

Orders for the coin’s sixth minting has recently taken place, and orders are now closed. The minting is currently underway, and delivery is expected on or around October 7th, 2022. If you missed out on the last order, and would like to be added to the list for a possible seventh minting, please click on the button below and complete the form so that we may contact you with further information.

The Coin

Coin Presentation Letter to
Captain McNicholas & Remarks to the Crew

One must consider how to present the first ship’s Commanding Officer with a celebratory coin. Do you send it to him in a zip-lock baggie, and write “Here y’a go Captain. Hope you like it!” No. Any Yeoman, Senior NCO, or Officer would recommend more jurisprudence and fineness.

Captain McNicholas’ coin was presented within a Pirates Chest, along with many fun time-capsule-worthy treasures. Below is a Photo Carousel of the full coin presentation to Captain McNicholas. The Captain’s official presentation letter, and his response to the crew are embedded below.

Additional Coin Presentations

Town Mayor and Town Council, Shenandoah VA