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8 entries.
Sam Ledger Sam Ledger from Alexandria, VA wrote on April 23, 2022
I am a plank owner serving on Shenandoah from 1983-1986. I was an EM in E division.
Kurt Bursey Kurt Bursey wrote on April 19, 2022
Some of my best memories in my entire life we're onboard the USS. Shenandoah.
Shelia wranosky Shelia wranosky from CORP CHRISTI wrote on December 25, 2021
I'm Shelia Wranosky. My dad was Chuck Overton. He was an E-7 gunners mate chief on this ship, until he retired July 15,1985 with Captain Lacey.

Jack Kennedy was on this ship with my dad. He was the E-8 chief.
Kenneth Stout Kenneth Stout from Gray, Tn. wrote on August 31, 2021
Wonderful memories! Came to Engineering M Div. In Norfolk May 1993. Went to NASCO and we brought the ship back. Not long after Gitmo I left due to injure while playing basketball. Yea, sounds funny to me now to. I remember MM 2 Bennett as a person that changed my life for the good. We were all very young, Maybe only 3-4 in M Div had been on a ship before. Thanks to Paul Bennett pushing us very hard we not only made it, we exceed many reputations that some had for us. That shirt time greatly changed my life and still pushes me to be better and work harder today.
Darrell Bird Darrell Bird from Braidwood, IL wrote on August 20, 2021
I was on AD44 from March? 1985 til November 1988. Eng M-Div EM01. Some of the hardest work I've ever done, and the fondest memories. The Lady will live in my heart forever.
Sandra Shanahan Sandra Shanahan from Annapolis,Md wrote on August 6, 2021
My husband, Capt. Jim Shanahan was the proud CO of Shenandoah from 1990-1992 in Norfolk, Va. it was an exciting, adventurous, rewarding and at times difficult time for all of the crew and spouses. I was proud to be a part of it all. Jim passed away in 2006 from lung cancer. Not too long after his passing I had to downsize my living situation. I was SO fortunate to find the City of Shenandoah , Va., (our sister city) willing to accept the memorabilia that I had from the USS Shenandoah. They have created a BEAUTIFUL memorial section in the town hall to Jim and the ship If you are ever in that area, Please stop by and visit the Town Hall.
My email is if anyone would like to contact me. It was a wonderful crew and families !! Thank you. Sandi
Juan David Aguirre Juan David Aguirre from El Paso wrote on June 10, 2021
I am a plank owner 1983-1986 November.
I was a BT B division had a great time with the snipes laughs and the best boiler room crew I would do it all over again!!!
Gary & Sorita Gary & Sorita from Overland Park wrote on May 7, 2021
My wife and I were able to come aboard to visit our son when the ship was new. We were able to take a tour of the ship. And that was our first time even coming close to a U.S. Navy ship, let alone going aboard one. Everyone we met was very kind to us and the ship-itself was a huge marvel of engineering. We also got to meet his "Chief" who told us he behaved most of the time. He told us a lot about it in his letters; especially his new bunk-beds. They were smaller than we thought. My wife was able to tour the girls sleeping area, and the kitchen/dining areas, and she was very surprised at the accommodations for the girls on board. Touring the USS Shenandoah was the highlight of our 1st East coast vacation. We are very proud of our son, and we know that he was very proud of his ship. Thank you all for your kindness, and your service to our Navy!