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Michael Cason Michael Cason from Manila Philippines wrote on June 30, 2024
AD-44 A great ship and a fantastic crew I served on her from 85-89 A-Gang.
chris ball chris ball from long beach ca wrote on June 28, 2024
Served aboard 1987-90. A-gang div. Great times lots of great people good friends. What up jimmy, dan, john, kipp!
Kyle Richards Kyle Richards from Thornton wrote on June 28, 2024
HT3, Was on from late 86-mid 90. Worked Eng.R-Division (General Workshop). Definitely some fond memories, and life long friendships made there.
YN3 Cory Luick YN3 Cory Luick from Montrose wrote on June 28, 2024
I was fortunate enough to have served on board the USS SHENANDOAH from Feb. 1985 until Nov. 18th 1988. During that time I worked in Admin, OPS. Eng and R-4. I was also privileged to be apart of the ships soccer team while in the Med. I also had the opportunity to become the ships sportscaster (Louisville Lou) on CCTV. Great times and memories I'll cherish for the rest of my life.
Catherine Vance (Hunsberger) Catherine Vance (Hunsberger) from Enon wrote on June 27, 2024
Hey Shipmates! I was an Engineman Third Class working in the ICE/Internal Combustion Engine Shop
DIVISION R-2. My new home from 94 to 96. Aft End of the Ship by the foundry and Helo Deck. I also worked in the Hazmat and Paint Locker. And anywhere else I was asked to go or assigned work for a duty section working party. I was also the Mail PO:) -sometimes lol. I worked with Antonia, Mike Cook. And I want to say Dennis, Sawmiller, Tate, Luke, Heather Thompson or Johnson, I believe we worked for Chief Williams, CWO “Gunner” Davis? and Commander JD Barnes. Forgive me if I don’t remember you.
What I do remember is sometimes we would all play Fireman, Combat Nurse or Cops - policing the ship and shore.
I went to Cuba, Bahamas and was on the 95 Med Cruise. As the ship was scheduled for decommissioning I was assigned to Naval Station Norfolk Legal Dept until my honorable discharge.
Unfortunately I had a few traumatic brain injuries - car accidents, motorcycle, etc on top of PTSD, depression, Anxiety, some ECT and Huntington’s so my memory is not what it used to be. I remember my time on the ship foundly but not wholly. I’m missing some time, memory’s, friends, and family because I simply don’t remember. If anyone on the 95 Med cruise remembers me and has any memories to share - good, bad or indifferent, I would be very grateful and hopeful that another memory will return. We lost a few sailors along the way and I’m still saddened by the loss and their unfortunate passing. However, I made a lot of friends during my time on the Shenandoah and I want to remember you. So please help if you can 🙏

PS the link to the 95 cruise book is broke. I missed picture day but I believe there are a couple random shots of me on Liberty and working parties. lol 😂 I did have a lot of fun too. I look forward to reconnecting with all of you. Thanks!!
Jayson Williams Jayson Williams from Tonawanda wrote on May 25, 2024
I just wanted to say growning up a son of a fine sailor. A man I'm proud to call my father. Served on her from the day of her commission till 1987. My father HT A Lommer. Worked on her boilers. I still remember his friends and coworkers. I have walked her halls and deck. I first remember the awe I felt seeing her size for the first time. She was a beautiful piece of our engineering. God bless her crew. Thanks to the men and woman that served as her crew. God bless and God speed.
Tomis Slaughter Tomis Slaughter from Suffolk va. wrote on March 2, 2024
I was a plank owner I serve from jan 1983 till Jan 1987
Milton R. White Milton R. White from Richmond wrote on January 27, 2024
I was on board the Shenandoah from 1987-1988. Lots of memories and great friends.
Peggy (Sprinkle) Simmons Peggy (Sprinkle) Simmons wrote on January 20, 2024
Served in the Electronics shop of R Division and Nuclear Division from 1990-1992. Captain Shanahan was the CO at that time. So many friends made, so much fun had, so many new experiences and opportunities to travel that this girl never would have had if I hadn't joined the Navy.
Warren Harrill Warren Harrill from Kingsland, GA wrote on November 12, 2023
I spent a short time on AD44 Shenandoah. On med cruise get decent liberty on the French and Italian Riviera. Unfortunately my time there was cut short by a medical emergency. My M div memories are still vivid for 1986.
Troy Rainey Troy Rainey from Springville wrote on October 5, 2023
Had a lot of great memories aboard AD 44. Was on board from 89-92. Met some great people, and some awesome friends
Deborah Deborah from Lucama wrote on September 27, 2023
I was on board from 1987-1990. I will never forget the time I spent on the Shenandoah. Lots of memories.
Tim Tim from Hermann wrote on September 19, 2023
I am a plank owner was the best ship I was ever on!
Charles Hejlik Charles Hejlik from WEST VALLEY CITY wrote on August 11, 2023
I was part of the Precom unit in Norfolk,VA.I served on board 83-88 R-2 Div.31-D,QA and ROVSS
Lytefoot Lytefoot from Herndon, VA. wrote on August 7, 2023
Salutations shipmates!
I just found this website while reminiscing about our “girl” the Shenandoah. I proudly served aboard her from’87-‘91 with many a memories ( including cleaning out the Main Condenser ). Ace and I married in’92 and she still puts up with me to this day. We both miss the Bo Bo and all the crew we served with. Hopefully we will get together sometime in the future; until then.
Fair winds and Calm seas,

Todd Elliott Todd Elliott from San Diego wrote on March 17, 2023
I was part of the team of thousands that built the AD-44 at NASSCO, my father and family served in the US Military for 150 years.
James Hegeman BM3/DV2 James Hegeman BM3/DV2 from The Woodlands Texas wrote on January 5, 2023
After dive school I spent 3.5 years on the Shen 1987-1990 with two Med cruises, Gitmo, the Azores etc. At the time I didn't know how life changing my tour was going to be. Met so many great people and saw some amazing countries and places. HooYa to all my shipmates.
MM3 Aaron Lautaret MM3 Aaron Lautaret from Anchorage, AK wrote on December 2, 2022
I really enjoyed my time onboard. Made great friends and memories. 1987-1990.
IM3 JS Brown IM3 JS Brown from Emmitsburg MD wrote on August 31, 2022
It has been 30 years since I last stood on her deck and I still have dreams about my time on board. 1989-1992 R-5/R-N.
Kathryn Rekkedal Kathryn Rekkedal from VIRGINIA BEACH wrote on August 27, 2022
Anybody remember my dad CDR Anthony Ciotti? The ships dentist?