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Troy Rainey Troy Rainey from Springville wrote on October 5, 2023
Had a lot of great memories aboard AD 44. Was on board from 89-92. Met some great people, and some awesome friends
Deborah Deborah from Lucama wrote on September 27, 2023
I was on board from 1987-1990. I will never forget the time I spent on the Shenandoah. Lots of memories.
Tim Tim from Hermann wrote on September 19, 2023
I am a plank owner was the best ship I was ever on!
Charles Hejlik Charles Hejlik from WEST VALLEY CITY wrote on August 11, 2023
I was part of the Precom unit in Norfolk,VA.I served on board 83-88 R-2 Div.31-D,QA and ROVSS
Lytefoot Lytefoot from Herndon, VA. wrote on August 7, 2023
Salutations shipmates!
I just found this website while reminiscing about our “girl” the Shenandoah. I proudly served aboard her from’87-‘91 with many a memories ( including cleaning out the Main Condenser ). Ace and I married in’92 and she still puts up with me to this day. We both miss the Bo Bo and all the crew we served with. Hopefully we will get together sometime in the future; until then.
Fair winds and Calm seas,

Todd Elliott Todd Elliott from San Diego wrote on March 17, 2023
I was part of the team of thousands that built the AD-44 at NASSCO, my father and family served in the US Military for 150 years.
James Hegeman BM3/DV2 James Hegeman BM3/DV2 from The Woodlands Texas wrote on January 5, 2023
After dive school I spent 3.5 years on the Shen 1987-1990 with two Med cruises, Gitmo, the Azores etc. At the time I didn't know how life changing my tour was going to be. Met so many great people and saw some amazing countries and places. HooYa to all my shipmates.
MM3 Aaron Lautaret MM3 Aaron Lautaret from Anchorage, AK wrote on December 2, 2022
I really enjoyed my time onboard. Made great friends and memories. 1987-1990.
IM3 JS Brown IM3 JS Brown from Emmitsburg MD wrote on August 31, 2022
It has been 30 years since I last stood on her deck and I still have dreams about my time on board. 1989-1992 R-5/R-N.
Kathryn Rekkedal Kathryn Rekkedal from VIRGINIA BEACH wrote on August 27, 2022
Anybody remember my dad CDR Anthony Ciotti? The ships dentist?
ad44k0@68pkeawes1 ad44k0@68pkeawes1 from Honolulu wrote on July 22, 2022
Aloha Shipmates! Plank owner from 1983 -1988. I was attached to (5) U.S. Naval Ships combined, to include 14 of 20 years of haze grey and underway! The late (AD-44) is my “#1 choice” from the rest of the combatant ships. Reasons, “Restriction Bound” a wake-up call quality time spent on the ship to re-vamp my actions, and made an original song experience that helped me to decide for my future. To be the few to say I served and now am a Retired Navy Veteran. Mahalo, Navy for this journey ride! Onboard my last command; (Late) USS Cushing (DD 985), made an original song entitled; The Cush. The back side of it, “The Fine U.S. Navy Journey ride.” Blessings y’all, take care and be safe!
Ann Byrnes Ann Byrnes wrote on July 7, 2022
BTW: I hope you have coins left. I would love one to give to my daughter who is HMCS (AW/SW/IW) IDC... her father and I both are plankowners as was her grandfather. She collects the coins, I don't... I just give them to her! 😉
Ann Byrnes Ann Byrnes wrote on July 7, 2022
I want to Thank You for taking the lead and continuing the memory of the OFFICERS and CREW of the TOUGHTENDER!!! I am a Plankowner and the one who started the first TOUGHTENDER website and put together the first two reunions. BTW: Anyone missing T's ordered from the 2nd reunion? DOWNSIZING and I found a box full. I'll have to go through my old files to see who ordered one. You may email me at: therudderrevisited (AT) gmail (DOT) com ... I am also the founder of the above website. "Preserving our history one Rudder at a time" RTC Orlando Bootcamp, 1968-1994 and have a facebook group: The Rudder Revisited - RTC Orlando. I don't get on social media much these days. So email is your best bet. And I am 'assuming' this is Troy who has continued this!? THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I may have other photos you might be interested in for this site. GREAT JOB! BRAVO ZULU Shipmate!!! PS: the Rudder website... I am currently updating information if you went to boot there. Uploads will be coming soon as well as being able to view Rudders (might have yours!)... Blessings to all..............
Sam Ledger Sam Ledger from Alexandria, VA wrote on April 23, 2022
I am a plank owner serving on Shenandoah from 1983-1986. I was an EM in E division.
Kurt Bursey Kurt Bursey wrote on April 19, 2022
Some of my best memories in my entire life we're onboard the USS. Shenandoah.
Shelia wranosky Shelia wranosky from CORP CHRISTI wrote on December 25, 2021
I'm Shelia Wranosky. My dad was Chuck Overton. He was an E-7 gunners mate chief on this ship, until he retired July 15,1985 with Captain Lacey.

Jack Kennedy was on this ship with my dad. He was the E-8 chief.
Kenneth Stout Kenneth Stout from Gray, Tn. wrote on August 31, 2021
Wonderful memories! Came to Engineering M Div. In Norfolk May 1993. Went to NASCO and we brought the ship back. Not long after Gitmo I left due to injure while playing basketball. Yea, sounds funny to me now to. I remember MM 2 Bennett as a person that changed my life for the good. We were all very young, Maybe only 3-4 in M Div had been on a ship before. Thanks to Paul Bennett pushing us very hard we not only made it, we exceed many reputations that some had for us. That shirt time greatly changed my life and still pushes me to be better and work harder today.
Darrell Bird Darrell Bird from Braidwood, IL wrote on August 20, 2021
I was on AD44 from March? 1985 til November 1988. Eng M-Div EM01. Some of the hardest work I've ever done, and the fondest memories. The Lady will live in my heart forever.
Sandra Shanahan Sandra Shanahan from Annapolis,Md wrote on August 6, 2021
My husband, Capt. Jim Shanahan was the proud CO of Shenandoah from 1990-1992 in Norfolk, Va. it was an exciting, adventurous, rewarding and at times difficult time for all of the crew and spouses. I was proud to be a part of it all. Jim passed away in 2006 from lung cancer. Not too long after his passing I had to downsize my living situation. I was SO fortunate to find the City of Shenandoah , Va., (our sister city) willing to accept the memorabilia that I had from the USS Shenandoah. They have created a BEAUTIFUL memorial section in the town hall to Jim and the ship If you are ever in that area, Please stop by and visit the Town Hall.
My email is if anyone would like to contact me. It was a wonderful crew and families !! Thank you. Sandi
Juan David Aguirre Juan David Aguirre from El Paso wrote on June 10, 2021
I am a plank owner 1983-1986 November.
I was a BT B division had a great time with the snipes laughs and the best boiler room crew I would do it all over again!!!