HERITAGE| Coat of Arms


USS Shenandoah AD-44 Seal

The bear, mountains and river in the shield represent Virginia’s beautiful Shenandoah Valley and National Park for which the ship is named.

The green V-shape within the shield symbolizes the fruitful foliage of the valley and the rejuvenating capabilities of USS SHENANDOAH. In addition, the V, along with the five stars designates this the fifth commissioned ship named SHENANDOAH.

The stars also refer to the meaning of the Indian name SHENANDOAH, “Daughter of the Stars.”

The blue in the shield, banner, and encompassing oval represent the Blue Ridge Mountains of the National Park. Blue is also the color of the free flowing water of the SHENANDOAH River and the world’s oceans; water which Navy men and women are sworn to keep flowing free.

The innate strength of the black bear symbolizes the mission of SHENANDOAH, to maintain the ships of the fleet “Strong for Peace”, the translation of the ship’s Latin motto: Fortis Pro Pace.

The forward motion of USS SHENANDOAH, pictured in the crest, symbolizes the mobile capability necessary to carry out the ship’s mission.